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Many people view traffic violations as minor issues, annoyances that are not serious enough for an attorney’s help. While this may be true in some cases, the fact is there are many instances when a driver should seek out a lawyer’s assistance. Traffic violations can come with serious consequences, including jail time, probation, driver’s license suspension and points on your license. Even minor offenses can lead to expensive fines and insurance rate increases.

If you have been accused of a traffic violation, you should be sure to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn how the charges could affect your life. At Haskell & Dyer, Jonathan L. Haskell, ESQ provides experienced legal assistance with a full range of traffic issues, including:

DUI Traffic ViolationsProtecting Your Rights In DUI Cases

Our attorneys are particularly aggressive in their defense of DUI cases. If you have been accused of drunk driving, we will take all the steps necessary to place you in the best possible legal position. We will also be at your side at motor vehicle hearings, where we will fight to keep your driving privileges.

Your attorney will carefully examine the evidence against you to determine whether the police stop and sobriety examination was conducted correctly. Our law firm may also challenge the admissibility of the evidence against you. We will always keep your best interests in mind as we proceed, seeking a resolution that minimizes the negative effects on your life.

In criminal defense cases, your attorney’s experience is very important. They need to thoroughly understand the law and how to effectively fight your charges. We can help you retain a bright future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all traffic violations minor issues that don't require legal assistance?

While some might perceive traffic violations as mere inconveniences, the reality is quite different. Many traffic offenses can lead to severe consequences, including but not limited to, hefty fines, jail time, probation, suspension of driving privileges, and accumulating points on your driver’s license. Even seemingly minor violations can result in significant financial burdens through increased insurance premiums. It’s crucial to recognize the gravity of these violations and seek an attorney’s advice when faced with such charges, especially if unsure about how they might impact your life and future.

I’ve been charged with a DUI. How can your attorneys assist me in this situation?

DUI charges are serious and can have lasting implications on one’s life. Our attorneys are particularly aggressive in defending against DUI cases. Firstly, we’ll meticulously evaluate the evidence presented against you, ensuring that the police stop and subsequent sobriety tests were conducted appropriately. In many cases, there’s room to challenge the legitimacy or admissibility of the evidence. Moreover, our dedicated team will represent you in motor vehicle hearings, battling fervently to retain your driving privileges. Throughout the process, our primary goal remains to shield you from the adverse impacts of a DUI charge and put you in the most favorable legal position possible.

How crucial is the experience of my attorney in a criminal defense case related to traffic violations or DUIs?

The experience of your attorney in criminal defense cases, especially those concerning traffic violations and DUIs, is paramount. It’s not just about understanding the law, but also about knowing the nuances, strategies, and tactics to mount an effective defense. Our attorneys have a deep-rooted comprehension of the legal landscape and leverage this expertise to counter your charges aggressively. Remember, the right representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, potentially preserving your bright future. If faced with such charges, it’s imperative to align yourself with a seasoned legal team, like ours, that prioritizes your best interests.